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About Us

About us


We want you as a user to go online and have fun and not somehow and certainly not at a price for which you can buy a washing machine. We do not lure you to our website in a subscription trap. We do not need to purchase TÜV test seals to promote confidence, but wish that you are absolutely satisfied and can recommend us without cheating. We at Paarfieber have a clear philosophy: We have tested several websites, have enjoyed onlining for over 10 years and would like to pass this positive attitude and experience to you and others.

This starts with professional Internet software in the run-up and an individual appearance of us and of course also of you. All this includes fun and avoiding subscriptions, scammers and fakes because we are not a boring contact advertising market with the same accents, but full entertainment with fun.
Our commitment does not end until we have succeeded in having fun and success in our dating portals and recommending our websites. That is why we celebrate the great and small success stories of our members, like our own.


Always more people go to partner search in different areas. This is good, because the desire for security and love never loses its meaning. We went and did not go the other way. But reality sometimes speaks a different language. Because many approaching members make wrong decisions, the high-altitude flight into the love-heaven often ends up quite nonsense. We would like to avoid the founders and experts of Paarfieber.  

It is a "fun" principle that has been developed for years, that you are systematically the right way, everything is illuminated and every area has been thought through before it is clicked on Our prices are transparent and without any further obligation, because you determine what you buy.Test our website and dating portals, because we stand by our word.


Every dating portal and every single exchange is different and this uniqueness must be exhibited.
We support you with solutions that do not exceed budgets, such as credits and superpower. And with ideas that make your dream of partnership come true quickly. This includes photovoting, blog, wall, the data hit for your success and our modern chat system. We are always up to date and continue to build great things that boost your fun factor.


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