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Nowadays it is no longer a rarity if a woman does not seek men for a partnership, but is interested in the same sex. In the meantime, you will find the category "She is looking for her", where women are looking for a loyal partner for their whole life. The love between same-sex partners is, of course, a little different from a heterosexual partnership, yet both are the same in their basic features. And so are the numerous prejudices that accuse such a pair of infidelity or a merely loose love. When you are looking for them, women are usually looking for a solid partnership and under the contact ads, you rarely find an ad that is only about sexual interest. Fidelity is here, as in the case of a relationship between heterosexual partners in most of the first place - the search refers only to a same-sex partner and not to men.


With "She seeks her" to great love

Many people assume that same-sex relationships are very unstable and are terminated after only a short time. However, this has been proven to be completely wrong on the basis of several statistics - loyalty plays an important role here. Men or women always want a long-term relationship, which can only work with a sufficient loyalty from both sides. And an average of 15% of the lesbian relationships, according to different statistics, have already been over 10 years, which means that they are in no way inferior to heterosexual relationships. Because the divorce rate has also increased significantly - a separation from the partner is not due to the sex, but simply and simply to the change of the time in the last decades. In the meantime, a woman is as little dependent on the partner as the men of her partner. If there is no longer any spark between two people, a separation nowadays is much easier than it was 50 years ago. In the case of the separation, it is irrelevant whether one has found his partner under the contact ads at "Sie sucht sie" or whether men have chosen the partner. When she is looking for her, it is simply the personal taste that interests one for the same sex.


She is looking for her

If a woman does not love men, but feels attracted to the same sex, then she looks at the same number of prejudices in her partner search. Many people are still not open-minded enough to tolerate a same-sex love. This often leads to problems, especially in the case of contact with other women, because a public confession is still associated with much derision, especially in smaller villages. If, for example, an ad is shown in the regional daily newspaper, you are often confronted with unpleasant abuse. In addition, many women also dare not to respond to a corresponding ad from the newspaper. Accordingly, the "you're looking for it" becomes much more difficult and you get only a limited number of answers.


Help by "you search them" at contact exchanges

On the other hand, the search for a suitable partner in the Internet is quite different. If you set your own contact ads online here, you usually get a lot of honest answers. Due to the high number of users, a lot more women will be able to react to the contact information in the section "Sie sucht sie". This greatly increases the chances of finding a suitable and loyal partner. Men usually do not look at the corresponding contact ads, because the clear allocation in different rubrics prevents this skillfully. You can adjust your ad here with a very calm conscience here and look forward to the answers that bring one of the dream partner closer.

If you are still a bit unsure about the creation of your own contact ads, you should first look at the other contact information in the section "Sie sucht sie". This way you can get a great inspiration and get a little clarity about your own ideas. On the other hand, you may already find the dream partner in this way.

A loyal partner is very much on the line in the contact ads - many women mention the loyalty of their ad to "She is looking for her" almost in the first place. Like many homosexual men, the lesbian ladies also wish to have a lasting relationship. The right partner can be found directly by such data in many cases directly, because such contact ads will mainly answer only loyal women.


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