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3 Mio. Mitglieder 3 million users All important contact and flirting possibilities are 100% free of charge. Seriös und sicher Serious and secure Reliability and efficiency for a successful partner search Verifizierte Profle Verified profiles Each new single application is checked for plausibility, level and seriousness. Langjährige Erfahrung Years of experience Since 2006 every year many singles find a partner and their personal happiness.
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Your contact on Germany's most popular single chat and dating portal

Are you looking for a partner, relationship or love? At Paarfieber, you can not only flirt with singles from your region, but also make contacts and fall in love all over the world. Paarfieber wants to make people happy. The compatibility-based online dating service is specifically for people who want to form a lasting, honest and sincere relationship. Paarfieber has been placed on the World Wide Web since 2006 and is still one of the most popular and one of the most popular singles in Germany. Now more than 3 million users are registered. What makes our site so popular is clear: simple registration, high success, happy users. With us, not only is a successful partner finding guaranteed, but quite by the way entertainment away from everyday stress and gate closure. With a partner agency like Paarfieber you will find more than just contact ads according to the scheme "she seeks him" or "he is looking for her". The suggested contacts are determined specifically for you through our system and you can contact other members. Join now for free, and find people around you.

Single exchange with optimal conditions for your successful partner search

Passende Singles zum Flirten New Members New singles come day by day: Men and women find the right partner. Männer und Frauen im Chat Women / Men Balanced gender: The ideal balance for partner search. Dating Erfolgsquote bei 90% Success rate Best prospects: Over 90% of the members find a partner. Singlebörse mit Flirt-Chance Flirting-Chance Making contact easy: Nice games quickly increase the flirting chance.

Efficiency and fun of a serious partner relationship

Just as in real life, women and men who are registered on the Internet in a reputable dating service, nice manners and respectful treatment. We attach great importance to this and for this reason we are committed to ensuring that this is complied with. Therefore each profile is checked by hand to verify the "truth & plausibility" of the applications. Thus, we make sure that only people are registered, who actually want to meet someone. At a dating service the desire for flirting should not be lost, because the search for the right partner should be easy and fun. We provide many contact functions for flirting and getting to know each other, including the date hit game. Here people can rate each other for sympathy and if the overall package is right, make an appointment for a personal date. At a reputable brokerage, it is a duty for women and men to keep their freedom in their personal search. At Paarfieber, we create the freedom to find partners without a hitch, the opportunity to flirt and the goal of a solid partnership.
  • Free partner search on the Internet

    Online dating online has established itself. Today, millions of singles use the Internet to find a partner. It does not matter how old the women and men are. It is looking for both singles from 30, as well as singles from 50 on the Internet for the great love. Paarfieber is part of the Partner-Mediation category and differs from the Singlebörsen in this respect. The interviewees at Paarfieber do not have to go through an annoying psychological partnertest in order to receive appropriate partnvorschläge. With the help of the Paarfieber Partnervermittlung, the education of women and men is far more modern than it was fifteen years ago.

    The basic functions of the partner exchange are free of charge and can be used by everyone. Paarfieber sees it as a matter of course that the user can profit from the latest data protection functions and can use the search in a simple way. We also attach great importance to "real singles". Any profile that has been newly created will be checked and unlocked by the Paarfieber team or, if necessary, rejected. The profiles are similar to contact ads, because the singles give information about different characteristics, about their appearance, their character, hobbies, occupation and much more.

  • Online dating portals in the media

    "There are 16 million single-income households in the republic, 7 million people are looking for a partner via the Internet" (Der Spiegel) and "Stiftung Warentest". (N24) Many of them are also very successful, because "in Germany about one million relationships have been created over the net, which corresponds to 5.3 percent of all relationships as a whole" (Jolie)

    Why is the search for love on the Internet so coveted, answers the (time): "The advantages are obvious: the selection of people that can be encountered is much greater than what one with Volkshochschulkursen, sports clubs and discobesuchen "And N-TV knows:" One in three singles in search of acquaintances, flirts or love for life on appropriate online stock exchanges ". (N-TV) Another advantage is, of course, the pre-selection, which takes the matching, because only potential partners with a certain coinciding percentage are presented to each other. How this worked exactly, the (Tagesspiegel) explained: "The questionnaires are created by psychologists and depending on the provider different focus.

  • Paarfieber - The serious partner agency

    Just like in real life, women and men, who are registered in the Internet at a serious partner, wish nice manners and a respectful coexistence. Paarfieber also attaches great importance to this and is therefore very keen to ensure that this is also adhered to. Therefore every profile is checked by hand and the "authenticity" of the users is checked. Thus, Paarfieber ensures that only singles are registered who actually want to get to know someone.

    Nevertheless, the passion for flirting is not lost in the partner agency, because the search for the right partner should not be cramped and be an "obligatory program" but fun. Paarfieber provides many features for getting to know you, including the date hit game or photo voting. What is it, can try every new member immediately. Starting with a photo release via a telephone call to a date - there are no limits. All members can choose freely what they want to do together. For a serious partner agency, it also belongs to the single women and single men their free space in the search for the appropriate partner to leave.

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