First dates

Erstes Date


Basically the dating is only the modern term for a rendevous, so it is therefore a completely non-committal meeting of two singles at the partner search. The dating is for getting to know each other and helps to decide if two people can imagine a future together. In the meantime, however, this term is increasingly attributed to the search for partners in the Internet, or the resulting meeting. The first real meeting causes a sloppy feeling for many singles first, because finally one knows the other person so far only over the Internet. So that this is not a fall and you are disappointed back home, the following tips can be used as a good guide for the partner search over the Internet.


Before the first real dating meeting

Before you go into a date after the other as a single, you should first get an accurate picture of the potential partner. But you can be a little more time with the online dating, because if the other single is serious with one, then he also likes to wait. Only men or women with less serious intentions for a firm relationship would be pushing hard for the first meeting - so you can already part of the wheat from the chaff.

In general, the first thing you do when you start dating is writing messages on the Internet, where you can already get to know a little bit, and there is nothing to prevent flirtation. If chemistry is right, the desire for a real meeting comes sooner or later. Before you actually take this step into action, you should first arrange with the other single for a telephone conversation or videochat. Here you can quickly determine whether the affection is still present and at the same time make sure that the counterpart of the partner search is not a fake. Men should be cautious here, just like the women, and best just hand the handynummer in advance. For almost every fixed line number can be used free of charge via some Internet services to get the address of someone out.


The ideal meeting place for the real dating

If it has also continued to make calls, then you can make a real dating. Here, the top rule is that the meeting place should be a public place. For security reasons, the first real dating should never take place in your own home, and the flirtation can also easily be implemented in a restaurant or a bar. Singles should look for the partner search especially to ensure that at the agreed meeting place also a quiet entertainment is possible. Otherwise, it would be difficult to learn as well as flirt, because intensive discussions are necessary.

It does not have to be an expensive Nobelrestaurant in which the first meeting between the two singles takes place. But it will not be quite free, because you want to do something together. If not much money is available, should agree with the other single the separate payment in advance. A better impression, however, is still on the ladies' world, when the men invite them - emancipation hardly plays a role.


Nervousness before the real dating

Most singles are very nervous before the first meeting at the partner search - both men and women are affected equally. First you should be aware that the other single will probably go the same way. In addition, one can also be sure that this is very interested in one. Otherwise, you would not have agreed to a real meeting at online dating. After all, you do not even meet someone who does not like you at all.

Self-confidence is very helpful especially for flirting, because on the one hand, this is significantly easier and secondly, one is thus more attractive to other singles. Who suffers from too little self-confidence, should at best work before the partner search at this and build it purposefully. The training of self-confidence can be completely free of charge and you do not have to register for overpriced courses. Online dating can also be a good exercise, as the writing with the other singles is a lot easier at the beginning than conversations. Men as well as women can easily work on their expressiveness here and also implement this at the first real dating.


Little Knigge for real dating

Two singles have met during dating, the chemistry is right and the big day of the first meeting is coming. In order to avoid the learning process, you should observe a few small rules and keep them during the date.

At first, it is very important to look for interest in the other single and his life. This should actually be quite normal, because the different learning is not possible at all. Nevertheless, many singles in the partner search always make the mistake that they are the first real dating in the first place only of themselves and the others thereby hardly speak. The so-called open questions are usually used for this, which can not simply be answered with a yes or no.

There are also some topics that should not be addressed during the first dating. Whether you are talking about your former partner, talking about your own loneliness, or maybe even starting with the children's wishes - these topics will take any basis for flirting and end the meeting faster than desired.


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